Big Bull Crocker
Big Bull Crocker image
Jack fighting big Bull Crocker
Vital statistics
Title Big Bull Crocker
Gender male
Race Cyborg
Faction Enemy
Health unknown
Level unknown
Status Mini-boss
Location Varrigan city, The Tower
"Nailed ya!"
—Big Bull Crocker

Big Bull Crocker, also known as Big Bull, is a mini-boss in MadWorld that appears in Varrigan City. He later appears in MadWorld's sequel, Anarchy Reigns, as a major character and the game's very first boss.


Big Bull Crocker is a very large enemy, being able to tower over Jack despite his bent posture. He is wearing a puffy jacket, a pair of baggy pants and a mask that is shaped like the head of a bull. The word "BULL" can be read on the buckle of his belt. His weapon is a chainsaw with two parallel blades and a metal chain wound around it for decorative purposes. Due to the weight of his chainsaw, he assumes his bent posture.


In Anarchy Reigns, it is revealed that he is a human/organic life-form that, at the age of 21, had his brain transferred into a machine. Aside from this, however, not much is known about him. However, seeing as his organic form appears in MadWorld, it would appear that the reason Big Bull is a cyborg is because Jack had greatly injured him in the first game (that is, if Jack had ever encountered Big Bull as an organic lifeform).


Big Bull Crocker is the mini-boss of the first and second stages of Varrigan City, as well as one of the mini-bosses fought in the Tower stage.

  1. Great Central Station: Big Bull Crocker makes his debut in the game after the player scored 1,200,000 points. Killing him will earn you a Jack balloon.
  2. Downtown Varrigan: A maximum of three Big Bull Crockers appear in this stage after you scored a certain amount of points. The first one will earn you a Jack balloon upon defeat, the other two will give you a Happy Onion.
  3. The Tower: In the final stage you have to face two Big Bull Crockers simultaneously. After a certain amount of time has passed, they get help from a Big Long Driller. Each Big Bull Crocker drops a pack of three Happy Pills upon his death.


As always, the best way to defeat him is through power struggles. C-targeting is usually hard because there are often lots of enemies in those levels and you might get the wrong guy, but it is recommended. Dodging with the Nunchuk is very handy because he tends to get tired after slashing and you can immediately attack his back this way.

Commentator QuotesEdit

  • Howard: "Now that's a lot of bull. You mess with the bull, you get the horns."
    • Kreese: "You like those horns, do you?"
    • Howard: "Hmm, too sharp."
  • Howard: "It's rodeo time!"


  • His head can be sliced off with a Power Struggle when he is low on health. If done correctly, you get the Big Bull Mask which can be uses as a head-trapping weapon.
  • His weapon, the Double Chainsaw, is unlockable for personal use after completing the game.
  • The number 88 is written on his back. In political terms, the number stands for "Heil Hitler". This could signify that Big Bull is either a Neo-Nazi or was one until the events of Anarchy Reigns.
  • There are two DeathWatch Challenges involving Big Bull Crocker:
    • Getting three Big Bull Masks is a DeathWatch Challenge in the Downtown Varrigan stage.
    • At the Great Central Station there is a DeathWatch Challenge that involves having Big Bull Crocker run over by a train.
  • He can be pierced with up to five Sign posts during the brief moment when he is catching his breath. However, unlike Grunt enemies he does not stagger, nor will he bleed to death if left alone. Instead he will get angry, with his eyes even flashing because of his rage. This does, however, make Power Struggles much easier.
  • After slicing him a few times with your chainsaw, he may charge at you with his horns, knocking you back and dealing damage. This attack can be dodged by shaking the nunchuck and then slice him again.
  • It currently isn't officially known which Big Bull Crocker is really the Big Bull seen in Anarchy Reigns. However, seeing as Big Bull is referred to as a returning character, it means that he did appear in the game, meaning one of the Big Bull Crockers in MadWorld is the Big Bull in AR. Through deduction, however, the only Big Bull Crocker who wouldn't know about Jack Cayman would be the first BBC, as Jack wasn't that well-known when the first BBC encountered him.

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