Big Long Driller is the mini-boss of the Mad Castle's Dungeon and the Casino Land. He's a bigger version of the Big Bull Crocker except he looks more like a mammoth than a bull.


The Driller

Strategy Edit

Constantly using the chainsaw against him will weaken him, but Power Struggles will deal more damage so as long as you activate it before you are hit. In the Mad Castle arena, he will constantly flee if he is damaged enough, thus making him hard to kill. If Jack loses a Power Struggle against him he will knock Jack to the ground and run the drill into his body and horribly dismember him resulting in a life lost.

Commentator QuotesEdit

  • Kreese: Here comes the drill man!
    • Howard: That's what the ladies used to call me before my big accident.
    • Kreese: Oh, yeah? What do they call you now?
    • Howard: They don't call me....