Clearing an area isn't enought for you?Edit

Yess! if clearing the first level was a piece of cake, then, why don't make it harder?

There is when the Deadwatch Challenges show off!

These are some kind of... well Challenges aren't they? That involves a specific point score or a special kill, so there is when it gets tricky because you will not only be facing the henchmen, but also the challenge that may be somehow related to unlock some extras or weapons (not quite sure).

How they appear?Edit

They appear in a random way, even there can appear three or more challenges in one place. The more challenges you clear, then the new challenges will arrive.

These challenges don't appear in third bosses area (example, the third boss of Varrigan City, the third boss of Mad Castle, the third boss of Asian Town.


Well there isn't any rule, exept that you must survive until you achieve the challenge.

2nd- You must defeat the stage boss with the challenge achieved (exept in some cases that defeating the boss in a time limit of 15 Mins. is the challenge).

3rd- If you can't achieve the challenge for some reason (in the case of collecting three Big Bull Masks, if you kill one before getting his mask in Varrigan City Downtown, because there only appears three), then sorry, there is always a second chance for everything.