Similar But DeadlyEdit

This chainsaw may be double, bigger & sometimes a sight blocker.

It is unlocked the first time you clear the game on Normal difficulty. Not really a new weapon, its the weapons that the Big bulls that hang around Varrigan City carry, but they've got a limited use compared to theirs.This chainsaw is very useful against bull crockers or big drillers.


This unique weapon is deadly to almost all with the slightest swing:

  • Swinging the remote up and down will have Jack jump up in the air and vertically slice an oponent.
  • Pressing A will have Jack spin twice cutting anything horizontally.
  • Holding B and shaking the Wii remote will have Jack run into a frenzy of horizontal swings that will slice anyone who stands in the way. This will last until you stop shaking the remote, run into a wall, or when the weapon disintegrates.


  • Although it may sound fun to do, you cannot use this chainsaw in Power Struggles.
  • This weapon is really handy when it comes to certain boss fights as it can take out a good amount of health quickly.