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Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Female
Race Vampire
Faction Boss
Health Unknown
Level Madcastle
Status Ranked 36th in Death Watch. Fate Unknown
Location Mad Castle

"Do your best, Child."

Elise is the 9th boss of Mad World and ranked 18th on Death Watch.



According to the area data, Elise visited the Sanctuary as a little girl to pray, only to be confronted by an "evil bat spirit" which turned her into a vampire/succubus. Afterwards, she stayed in the Sanctuary, feasting on the blood of anyone who passed through.


Elise is the third and final boss within the Mad Castle Sanctuary, and ninth overall. Unlike the previous bosses in the level, you don't have to go through henchman to battle her. Her design is based off of a female vampire or succubus. She seldom fights Jack directly, rather, her bats act as both her defensive and offensive weapons. She also uses them to fly using the wings crafted on her arms to do so. She will only physically attack Jack after she has been found posing as a statuette of herself.

After Jack wins the battle, he chops up her wings, leaving her defenseless. Jack then takes Elise, bends her over his knee, and thoroughly spanks her a few times, with the last one sending Elise flying through a cathedral window. Though she pronounced killed hereby, the way she was finished off suggests that she might have actually survived since her body is never shown mutilated.


When fighting Elise sometimes all you find is an empty room with bats coming out of nowhere. You can't kill her but she can kill you. To get past this you must find Elise who is hiding to then be able to hurt her. The bats always come from the direction of where Elise is hiding. Elise hides as one of the statuettes on the leftside and rightside of the altar. The statuettes resemble her almost exactly. [Statues have white wings, she has black wings], that or she will hide on the bat symbol upon the stained-glass windows at the very front of the room. Once you find where she has hidden, do a jump attack to cause her to jump out of her hiding spot, then you may attack her. You can usually trigger a power struggle with her by simply running up to her once you find her, the power struggle is when Jack headbutts Elise in her bosom. After taking enough damage Elise will hide again, simply find her hiding spot again by following where the trail of bats are coming from and continue the fight. Rinse, repeat, and finish her.


"Do your best child!

Commentator QuotesEdit

Kreese: I like a gal who sucks as much as the next guy, but this blood-hungry bitch will give you a hickey that'll send you to the morgue. I fought her in the east block games and lost the match; four pints of plasma, and I was declared legally dead for a week!

Howard: Awesome rack on her, though.

Kreese: Ah, true that. While you're blinded by her headlights, she'll sic a swarm of bastard bats on you to mess up your shit! Plus the fuckers have fleas!

Howard: Awesome rack on her, though!

Kreese: True that.


  • She can also hide in the coffins. You actually can destroy them prior to the fight robbing her of that hiding place.
  • Elise is one of three bosses where you don't get to use the Wiimote during the finisher (The other are Von Twirlenkiller and Martin). Likewise, you don't see much blood.
  • Elise is the only boss in MadWorld that Kreese Kreeley claims to have lost to.
  • She has the same boss theme as Rinrin.

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