Vital statistics
Title Geishas
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Prostitutes
Health Unknown
Level Second level of Asian Town, Final Boss
Status Alive
Location Unknown

The Geisha's are minor citizen equivalents in the DeathWatch games and are generally victimized by the superior contestants.


Geishas has two purposes throughout the game. They first appear in the second level of Asian Town as damsels in distress when kidnapped by contestants and Jack must save three of them.  Upon being saved, the Geishas rush up to Jack and kiss him in gratitude before leaving. 

Later in the game, atop the tower where the player faces The Black Baron, the three Geishas reappear as fan girls, cheering Jack on. One of them proceeds to kiss his forehead and he waves to them as he prepares to fight the current champion. During the fight, if Jack's health becomes critically low in the last match with The Black Baron, one of the Geishas will throw a Happy Onion from her bra to the stage


  • The Geishas are one of a few minor characters to have relevancy in more than one level
  • Though there are three separate Geishas they all look and sound exactly the same
  • They are the only specifically defined fans of Jack
  • The Geishas are the only character, minor, or not to assist Jack directly while the player is actively controlling him. 
  • Though real life Geishas are simply the Japanese equivalent of Broadway performers, in MadWorld they are depicted as prostitutes.