HNI 0004 MPO
Kojack beginning the fight
Vital statistics
Title Kojack
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Gameshow Participant
Health Unknown
Level Easy
Status Deceased
Location Area 66: Access Hangar


"I'm gonna fuck you up!"

Kojack is the 10th boss of the game and ranked 11th on Death Watch. He appears to be an evil clone of Jack.


Kojack faces off against Jack in Area 66's Access Hangar, ranked 11th. Kreese Kreeley reveals that Kojack never gets off of his motorcycle, and suggest that he is an evil version of Jack. However, Kojack is seen off his bike in 2-player mode, where he competes with Jack in Bloodbath Challenges.


Unlike any of the boss fights in the game, the fight entirely takes place on a motorcycle. He is a replica of Jack (chainsaw, motorcycle, insignia on back, scar) so he's used in multiplayer.


Kojack is considered one of the easier boss battles. All that is really needed are moderately well-timed attacks and reflexes ready for the Power Struggles. To trigger the Power Struggles simply spin into him, and hope that he's trying to do the same to you. The hardest thing about this fight is probably the small timing window during the Power Struggle.

When your "Clone's" health hilts and is depleted, Jack makes use of the saying, "Live by the Motorcycle, Die by the Motorcycle" by slamming his own into Kojack's. Of course, Jack manages to retrieve his bike from the wreckage (the motorcycle is virtually unharmed) and rides away.


"I'm gonna fuck you up!"

Commentator QuotesEdit

(Before the fight)

Howard: "Looks like Jack going to face Kojack in this round."

Kreese: "I love Kojack, that dude never, and I mean NEVER, gets off his bike. I love it."

Howard: "Why do you love that?"

Kreese: "OK, honestly, I could give a fuck that he never gets off his bike. In fact, I think it's stupid. But Kojack paid me to say it. Said that he wants some of that promo like 'Getting off his bike' as his thing."

Howard: "That's funny. Because he paid me to ask 'why you love him so much?'"

Kreese: "....fucker."

(During Power Struggle)

Kreese: "If Kojack wins, you got to give me five-hundred dollars. If Jack wins, you only have to give me two fifty."

Howard: "You're on! ...wait a minute."

(If Jack wins the Power struggle)

Kresse: "What the fuck was that!?"

Howard: "Jack Winning the Power Struggle."

Kreese: "Well no shit, Dickwad, I mean, how did Kojack Lose!?

Howard: "Jack Beat him."

Kreese: "Oh! I understand now!"

(If Jack Wins Power Struggle again)

Howard: "Looks like Jack won the Power Struggle."

Kreese: "Nah, he totally cheated."

Howard: "Why would you say that?"

Kreese: "Cause I'm a sore loser!"

(During Fight)

Howard: "Jack's ramming himself against Kojack!"

Kreese: "So basically Jack is ramming himself against himself. We are watching the most violent masturbation ever."

Howard: "Hehe, this is nothing."

Kreese: "Come on Kojack, you can take that!"

Howard: "Sounds like someone's rooting for Kojack."

Kreese: "Hell Yeah! Kojack is just "Evil Jack", so evil makes him even better!"


  • Kreese Kreeley shows unabashed favoritism toward Kojack during the boss battle with him, stating that he's just like Jack, only evil, which makes him "even better." Even after Jack kills him, Kreese continues to insist that Kojack is going to win.
  • The name Kojack means Jack jr./LittleJack
  • Oddly despite being a clone of Jack he speaks with a south African accent

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