Kreese Kreeley
Placeholder person
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Vital statistics
Title Kreese Kreeley
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Gameshow Commentator
Health Unknown
Level All
Status Commentator, Past DeathWatch Champion
Location Unknown

"Run, dickhead, run!!!

Kreese Kreeley is a commentator for DeathWatch and a past DeathWatch champion. He is assisted by fellow commentator Howard "Buckshot" Holmes. Kreese is voiced by John DiMaggio.


Kreese is a former competitor, having participated in numerous games and fought with many of the opponents later faced by Jack Cayman. Though he admits to sustaining heavy injury against many of them, he only claims to have lost to Elise. According to him, he lives in both an apartment, and a trailer that doubles as a meth lab, which he considers to be a "home office".


Kreese currently works as commentator for Deathwatch's broadcast on Shock TV. His commentary can be heard throughout the entire game (except cutscenes), as well as during the end credits.


  • "No means yes, and yes means anal!"
  • "Another asshole becomes a reeeed flapjack!"
  • "Wow, the shit you say sometimes makes me wanna smack you..."
  • Howard- "And here comes Jack in that beautiful display of flowers." Kreese "Nothin' says I'm gonna rip your fucking head off like making an entrance to a bunch of flowers."
  • "For the Last, Fucking, Time, NOBODY SAID THERE'D BE MATH!!!!!! I BLAME OUR SCHOOLS!"
  • Howard- "Lifes not worth living!" Kreese- "Your's isn't!" Howard- "All i have to do is pull the trigger" Kreese- "That's all you have to do!"
  • Howard- "The game is over!" Kreese- "Ow you fucker you shot me!" Howard- "What you expect, fucktard, you think I was gonna shoot myself?"
  • "Information about this area is limited since anyone who has ever known about this place has either disappeared or been lobotomized.."


  • Greg Proops and John DiMaggio, who had previously worked together on animated films such as Asterix and the Vikings and Kaena: The Prophecy, were both contacted by the voice cast director Jack Fletcher to play the parts of the announcers for the North American release. While most of their lines were already scripted, the two were able to ad-lib during recording, with some lines being retained in the final game.
  • Before a boss fight in MadWorld, Kreese would comment on the current boss he fought as contestant in a past DeathWatch Game. He seems to have fought most, if not all bosses in MadWorld. Usually he would state where or when he fought them. Examples including the Cuba, '04, and '07 DeathWatch Games. But this contradicts the main storyline where no DeathWatch Games have been had since 2001. These may have been underground, foreign, or otherwise unofficial DeathWatch Games.
  • Some of the commentators' dialogue at one point suggests that when he is not taking part in Deathwatch, Kreese enjoys playing golf in his free time.
  • During the fight with Martin, Kreese notes that his missiles remind of a bomb Kreese made in his high school metal class.