Mathilda image
Vital statistics
Title Matilda
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Gameshow Participant
Health Unknown
Level All
Status Status
Location Unknown

Mathilda (pronounced 'Matilda') is and NPC in MadWorld and the (ex)personal assistant of the The Black Baron.


As with most characters, not much is known about Mathilda before the events of Deathwatch. She seems to have been working with the Black Baron for a considerable amount of time though, as she is almost always seen beside him.


Mathilda takes a significant role in the game, showing up during the beginning of each Bloodbath Challenges. The Black Baron will provide concise and innovative rundowns of rules for the Bloodbath Challenges that are especially popular among audiences. Once he is done, Mathilda will come strutting up to him, and proceeds to demonstrate how the game will be played using the Black Baron as an example. She then strikes a sexy pose at the camera before skipping off.

In the final boss fight she can be seen outside the ring. Take great care not to get knocked out of the ring, as Mathilda will beat you very, VERY hard with her spiked bat before tossing you back into the fight. Once the fight is over, she suddenly turns on the Baron himself, chucking her bat at him, before strutting out of the area. Jack then uses her bat to knock the Baron out of the park and straight into a giant target!

Commentator QuotesEdit

Kreese: "And now it looks like the Baron's bitch is gonna get some payback!"

Howard: "Whose the bitch now Baron?!"

Kreese: "Ooo! And the bat connects with a brain-scramblin' hit to the head!"

Howard: "I guess it's good-bye for Mathilda. Hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave!"

Kreese: "Yeah, some real sweet cheeks on the gal, and she was damn handy with that bat too! Speakin' of which..."


Matilda also reappears in the game Anarchy Reigns as a playable character, whose Killer Weapon is fittingly enough, A spiked bat. Also, despite having only black hair in MadWorld, her hair color changes often in Anarchy Reigns.

In the game, Mathilda never speaks. However, she always finds a way of getting her everyone’s attention...

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