Sign Post
Sign post image
An enemy with a sign post in his head
Vital statistics
Effects Staggering, eventual death (bleeding out)
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One of the many environmental weapons in Madworld


Jack can do 1 of 2 things with a signpost. After picking it up, he can either shove it through an enemies face, leaving them staggering, or just hit them with it, which is much less effective. Enemies can have up to 5 sign posts (or similar items) in their head at one time, and is recommended for maximum points.


It’s possible to impale a single enemy with up to five different caution signs. Each sign you drive through the enemy’s head is worth 20,000 points. Use these attacks to build a huge score, and then finish off the enemy with a Man Heater or Human Garbage attack to gain the Ultra Violence bonus.

Variations of the signpost include:

  • Lamp (Asiantown & Mad Castle areas)
  • Paper Umbrella (Asiantown area [The Bistro stage])
  • Candle (Mad Castle area)
  • Steam Pipe (Area 66 [Facility stage])

Commentator QuotesEdit

"Isn't that tire-sign post combo kinda ironic."

"How is it ironic?!"

"My bad. Did I say it was ironic, I ment to say it was FUCKING AWESOME."

"Common mistake."

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