The Black Baron
The Black Baron
Vital statistics
Title The Black Baron
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Gameshow Participant
Health Unknown
Level Very Difficult
Status Ranked 1st in DeathWatch
Location Casino Land - Ring of Madness

"Navy Seals? Special Ops? C'mon, Bitch!"

The Black Baron is the surprise final boss of Madworld and is ranked number 1 on Death Watch.


A pimp who devises the Bloodbath Challenges. After explaining how each game is played, he is killed by one of his consorts, Mathilda, and made an unwilling volunteer in a live demonstration of each game. He also serves as the games' MC, and is the current reigning Deathwatch champion.


Creator of the Bloodbath Challenges, announcing them when these are activated and explaining the method of the challenge to the player. However, the Baron ends up as a live demonstration thanks to his assistant, Mathilda. He also serves as the MC of Deathwatch, issuing the bounty on Jack after his secret is discovered. As a suprise twist, it's revealed at the end of the game that he is also the reigning Deathwatch champion. Fighting Jack in a ring atop a tower in the center of the city (considering the final level is casino themed though, it's somewhat of a giveaway. The sillouette of "The Champion" shown at the beginning of The Strip also hints to this).

After Jack wins their battle, he is smashed into a Man Darts' board by Jack with Mathilda's bat.


The Black Baron's quotes:

  • "Oh hell no!!"
  • "It's the Bishop of Blood and Carnage, here to learn ya'll a little somethin-somethin!"
  • "Attention all pimps, playahs, and pain-purveyors!"
  • "It's the mothafuckin' Black Baron, stop starin'!"
  • "Navy SEALs? Specials-ops? C'mon, bitch!"
  • "Oh, Hell Nooooo!!!!"

  • Howard: "Jack has climbed a mountain of bodies to reach this, the pinnacle of the DeathWatch competition! Here in this amazing stadium in front of a bloodthirsty crowd of the city survivors, Jack will face his final foe in the ultimate fight for the championship!"                                                                               *Kreese: "There can be only one Number 1 in this fight to the death!"                                                    
  • Howard: Well, duh. It's a mathematical fact there can only be one Number 1!"                                        
  • Kreese: "For the last fucking time, NOBODY SAID THERE'D BE MATH!!!!!"                                      
  • Howard: "Jack's didn't give two shits about that bang."                                                                        
  • Kreese: "Jack's gonna have to take a page out of your book and do it by hand."        
  • Howard: "Are you saying I flog the sausage too much?"                
  • Kreese: "Only if you consider 24 hours a day, 365 days a year 'too much'."                                          
  • Howard: "I live for leap years!"
  • Howard: "So, is this guy really a baron?"                                                                                      *Kreese: "No, as a matter of fact he's not even black."                                                                          
  • Howard: "Really? I thought he was a black."                                                                                      *Kreese: "Why does it matter? Why do you have to bring race into it?"            
  • Howard: "I didn't, I was just asking if he was a real baron."                                                                  
  • Kreese: "Fucking racist."


  • Despite being killed multiple times to demonstrate various events on Deathwatch, he seems to survive and come back, only to be killed again.
  • The name Black Baron was in the running to be the Sith Lord, instead of Darth Vader
  • Despite looking black, Kreese states that the Black Baron is in fact not actually black, of which Kreese gets in an arguement with Howard over if that would be important or not, in which it is implied that Kreese is black.
  • The Black Baron is the only final area boss with an interactive finisher. Von Twirlenkiller's, Elise's, and Martin's are not interactive.

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