The Masters
The Masters
Vital statistics
Title The Masters
Gender Male
Race Humans
Faction Boss(es)
Health Shared
Level Difficult
Status Ranked 5th in DeathWatch
Location Area 66: Maintenance Facility

"For the glory of our house!"

The Masters are the 11th boss of Madworld and are ranked 5th on Death Watch.

The Masters


An old man and a boy in his mid 20s that fight using electromagnetic powers--ranked 5th.


The Masters are the second boss faced in Area 66. Being the third-to-last boss, they can be a challenge to those who are not prepared.


You'll have to fight both Masters at once but, luckily, hey both share the same healthbar. When fighting them constantly flip (shake nunchuck) when they come to attack you, then slash them with your chainsaw. The younger master is seemingly easier to attack, find an open angle and target him.

When they're both somewhat around the center, and don't go into an ultimate attack, they're going to throw drums at you. Just dash around them and flip when they strike.


"For the glory of our house!!"

"Kreese: Aw Man. Thunder and Sun, the fucking Father and Son geek team. They take all that pissed off "I have no social skills, and can never get laid." energy, and channel it into those wienie-ass hate sabers, that they wave around like they were at a fucking Si-Fi conventon.

Howard: I believe they referred to them as 'electroblades' when they carved their initials on your pancreas in your last matchup?

Kreese: What the fuck ever, at least I don't live in my mom's basement, or in the case of Geek Jr. Grandma's basement. "

"He lacks discipline, he cannot stand against us!"

  • Howard: Look like Jack released the boss switch and is now ready to face the big boss!
  • Kreese: How'd he do that?
  • Howard: I guess he got enough points.
  • Kreese: You guess?
  • Howard: Well, I'm not really sure.
  • Kreese: HA! Some announcer you are.
  • Howard: Really? What's the name of the show?
  • Kreese: Uh... it's uhh... I dunno it's starts with a "Q" or is it "Kill Something!"


  • The Masters are the only boss where you can pick an alternate finisher, the only difference being which one Jack grabs.
  • According to the credits, the older man's name is Francis and the younger man's name is George.
  • The two are a blatant parody of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars franchise.
  • According to Kreese during their fight introduction, it is implied that they are, infact, father and son. They are also said to live in the Grandmother's basement.
  • According to Howard, they had season passes to the Varrigan City Geekcon, possibly as a further hint towards their Star Wars references.