"I smell Fresh Meat!"

The Shamans are the 7th boss of the game and are ranked 49th on Death Watch.



The first boss fought in the Mad Castle area, The Shamans are a group of killseekers wearing wolf's
Shamans leader

The white leader of the Shamans

fur with claws on their hands and feet. They also prowl around like actual wolves to give the impression that they are actual werewolves. While most of them wear black fur, the leader is clad in white fur. Although "they" are ranked 49, the versus picture shows only the leader of the pack.


Madworld Shamans

One of the Shamans

They start off by grouping together and forming into a wheel style attack that rushes Jack. Steer clear of this till they disperse then rush in and take out as many as you can (horizontal slashes work well here) the minor ones are pretty easy going down in one hit. Once you've thinned the numbers, target the white wolf and take a few swipe till the power struggle comes up. Follow the commands and you'll take out more of the wolves as well as damage him in the process. After which either keep targeting him or take out the minor wolves if they keep getting in the way. The main shaman has roughly three attacks, A howl that'll knock you back which he preforms after taking a few hits, a massive claw swipe which one should back flip from and, near the end of his lifebar, a berserk attack which you can easily dodge and attack from the shaman's blindside (behind, side, etc). Keep this up till the finish prompt appears, preform that and your done.

Power StruggleEdit

If the Head Shaman howls, then it is likely that a power struggle will commence if you flick the Wii Remote down. When there is one, the Shaman will kick you back, and send out waves of lesser shamans. You must either flick the wii remote down or to the left when it tells you in order to avoid getting slashed. If you successfully defeat the wave, then the Head Shaman will rush you. No gesture is necessary when Jack kicks his face and slams him into the ground. Whilst on the ground, shake the nunchuck to stomp the Shaman into the ground, and then flick the nunchuck and Wii Remote down. Tip: Keep shaking the nunchuck even though it tells you to flick the wii remote. You deal heaps of damage


Once the head Shaman is knocked down, Jack attaches a collar to his neck which is attached to his motorcycle. He then hops on and does donuts (riding around in a circle) dragging the shaman along and scrapping him along the concrete before riding out of the complex, dragging the lifeless Head Shaman behind him.